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[二] Audio / Action

[The recent events had certainly left a lot for people to think about. Naruto is no different, the past few days spent comparing fake memories with the real thing. Mostly he was hung up on how normal the fake life had seemed, a (fake) lifetime spent with a huge, loving family he had never had until arriving in this place.

Out of everything though, there is one question that plagues him the most. Here it comes...]


So even though that place was fake, and the things we remembered from it aren't really real, we're not still like.... legally married or anything, right? Right?

I don't think I'm even old enough to be married y'know!

[YUP. Guess who has been carefully avoiding Tenten ever since things went back to normal. Apparently he can act like a proper ninja when he wants to. He is finally manning-up to face reality though.]

[Actually he isn't, but he had something else he wanted to ask over the journals, so figured he would just throw that in too.]

...Has anyone seen Sakura-chan?


[Since Luceti returned to normal, Naruto hasn't been that sociable. Most of his time has been spent at home aside from the occasional trip out into the woods to train or to check in on people close to him that were not fake wives or family members.

Today though, he can be found behind the counter of Shikamaru's convenience store. He has absolutely no idea what he is doing still and with Shikamaru and Masaomi both away, the fate of Luceti's #1 Store™ had been left to the combined efforts of Korra and Naruto.

If it is still standing by the end of the week, it shall be a miracle.]
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[Kushina lets his self-inflicted house arrest go on for a couple days but then she starts to grow a bit worried

so wherever he is in the house, she finds him and frog-marches him to the door]

Come on, Naruto. We're going outside today.
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[you have learned well young padawan

because she knows Naruto being inside all day is weird, he's usually out and about and active like she needs to be



[the door closes behind them and she keeps marching him down the street towards a PLACE]
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Somewhere outside.

[it's a SURPRISE she's going to put her hand over his eyes even

now you won't see tenten at all shh it's ok]


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[HE CAN TRY but it's not moving at all]

We'll be there soon, it's not far.

[MARCHING MARCHING through the town and then heading towards the forest so he should feel the shade on his face and the filtered sunlight through the leaves]
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just punches ok]

No, not yet.

[MORE WALKING LALALA if Naruto asks where they're going or if he can see NOW she'll just stay quiet

and then finally they stop and she pulls her hand away to reveal a pretty lake in front of them aw it's so pretty

she didn't bring him for that tho]
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[it's so pretty

BUT they're not here for the lake

she's surveying it a bit and nods to herself]

Learning sealing techniques needs a lot of space, ya know? Just like any other sort of training.

What do you think? [NERVOUS A LITTLE


Do you want to learn some Uzumaki fuinjutsu?
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She's grinning now too and getting pumped up because he's excited to learn UZUMAKI, his heritage and a lost art. It was something she planned on teaching Naruto eventually, even before her death.]

Alright! This way, come on.

[she begins walking out to the lake and onto the water

WITH HER POWERS BACK it's a weird sensation but it's familiar too, a strange mix but like second nature. This was her real life, not the fake one of before -- no matter how nice it was; peaceful and happy.]
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Yeah, your dad learned a few techniques like this from me. [BIG THINGS LIKE DEAD DEMON CONSUMING SEAL she's not going to teach Naruto

not yet, he shouldn't have to use it with them here]

You know what fuinjutsu is, right?
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[HUH no one to test it on either

her lips quirk in a smile]

Sealing a lot of different stuff, like chakra or movement and strength. Your dad actually used my clan's jutsu to seal... [a beat, it's still hard for her to think that the Kyuubi was inside her son now] the Kyuubi into you. The Dead Demon Consuming Seal is from my clan, too. That's how your dad was able to weaken Kyuubi. It's a very powerful technique that can seal someone's chakra within their own body, but the price is your own life.

Our clan was infamous for our sealing techniques and a lot of people feared us for them. But it's sort of a lost art, since my country was destroyed a lot of its secrets went with it. Even just a basic seal can be pretty powerful though. Do you want to see?
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Movement. [PRANKSTer KUSHI GO] Seal!


he doesn't get much warning than that, she shifts her hands into some hand seals and slams her hand on the ground. a moment later, some darker markings in the water shoot towards Naruto and form a circle underneath his feet

a circle that looks a LOT like an uzumaki swirl

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she's BEAMING right now because he thinks it's cool, so she's walking up to him and poking his stomach a few times]
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Glad you think so.

[khehehe poking you and you can't stop her! GRINS and looks over her handiwork

hmm. weird, it's not as strong as it should be. it still works though, so maybe she just needs to get used to utilizing her chakra again]

Now I'll teach it to you. Release!

[and those markings go away, allowing him to move again but Kushina is busy smiling to herself -- teaching her son Uzumaki jutsu. SHE'S BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR DIS]
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Hand seals, but that's the easy part.

The trick to this sealing jutsu is matching or overcoming the strength of the person you're trying to seal. Since my chakra is a bit... special, it's pretty easy for me to seal anything I want.

[not everyone could hold down Kyuubi with chakra alone YA KNOW]

But I believe in you. You can do this, Naruto.


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