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[SO AFTER ALL THAT CRAZY it's a lot more quiet in the Uzumaki household than usual. No Kushina prattering on at Naruto and asking what he did today, asking how his friends are, if there's MORE she's going to be meeting soon--

Because Jiraiya-sensei's killer was one she didn't even consider for a moment. But here they were after meeting him as 'Naruto's friend' and preaching the words Jiraiya tried to teach the world. That hatred isn't the answer, that they would find peace. And when they did, they would seize it.

She plasters a smile on her face, trying to get things back to normal in their house as she sets the rice on the table with a small, tight laugh.]

Pretty eventful day today, wasn't it? Did Nagato and Konan get home alright, Naruto?
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[After everything, Minato felt the beginnings of an incoming headache again but he tries to shove it away. There are some things that just can't be undone, after all, and the sixteen years he didn't get to see were some of them. All he can do is sigh in both relief and exasperation. It's almost like coming home to a long day of Hokage work.

At his son's apology, he gives a small smile.]

It's not your fault, Naruto. It's nobody's fault. I'm just glad no one's hurt.
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[He SHOULD be sorry for not telling them who he was bringing over because they had caught both Minato and Kushina off guard. And Kakashi.

After setting down the rice, Kushina is quick to circle around the table while Minato is talking and gather her son into her arms. It's something she had wanted to do the moment she had seen his face crumple from a smile into confusion and then guilt.

And he's forgiven. Always.]
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[His smile broadens and his blue eyes softens as he watches this affectionate display. But it's not enough to just stare at it, right? So, Minato approaches them and places both his hands on either one of their shoulders. There's a gentle squeeze there because how can he not forgive his son? How can he not join his family in this?]

I could just imagine how hard it must have been for you. I don't blame you, Naruto. Just tell us next time, alright?

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[For a while Kushina can only hug her son, especially when he returns it. She squeezes her arms around him gently and then relaxes when she feels Minato's hand on her shoulder. One arm unlatches from Naruto and reaches up for Minato, pulling him down roughly into the hug as well so they're a small huddle of Uzumaki.

Minato is definitely an Uzumaki.

Naruto probably knows now and if he doesn't well... she can scold him then, not now.]
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I can tell they're good people.

[Or at least, they're good people now. Minato has always been a good judge of character and he can obviously conclude that they've changed. Now more than before.]

I don't hate them, nor am I angry at them. I'll accept our alliance with them because I know it's a step towards the peace Jiraiya-sensei yearned for. But like I said, trust and forgiveness will have to be earned.

[Surely, he'll take into consideration Konan's stay here and the fact she's in good terms with Kushina. Nagato, well, he'll have to earn his share. But no hatred will come from Minato.]

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I'm not angry.


Kushina pulls back just a little (reluctantly) so she can look them both in the eyes now. Her arms remain around the two of them, keeping them in a half-hug. She doesn't look angry either. If anything, it's the opposite of angry. She's full of love for this young man and his father because they're such amazing people.]

Trust is always earned. Even if they weren't who they are, it wouldn't make sense to believe in them immediately. But there's a reason Naruto trusts them and I'll always believe in him. He lost Jiraiya-sensei just as much as we did and had to face that on his own. If he's friends with them now despite that, giving them a chance is the least we can do.

Naruto's only doing what we always hoped he would. We named him after that character in that book for a reason, didn't we? I can't be angry at that. I can't be angry you've overcome hating someone because you care about something greater than your own self, Naruto.

But you should care about yourself just as much. It turned out okay this time, but not everyone is going to be like Nagato either. There's some people in this world you can't reach no matter how hard you try, not if they don't want to be. But there's plenty of other people to make up for that, isn't there? Konan is a good example, she--

[She realizes she's rambling a bit, looks sheepish, and finally trails off.]

... I like Konan.
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[He listens to his family talk and his lips couldn't help but form a soft smile as their words, not only enter his ears, but also his heart.]

I suppose there's only thing definitely apparent to me now.

[The smile on his lips grows broader.]

I'm lucky to be a part of this family. [Minato tightens his hold a little around his wife and son.] Surrounded by two people with big hearts. [Probably the biggest ones.]
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You have a big heart, too.

[He was Hokage, he loved his village. She pokes Minato in the chest but settles against him as he tightens his hold while pulling Naruto in closer. After her prodding of Minato, Kushina pokes Naruto in the chest as well, right where his heart is.]

But if he's both of us, his heart is bigger than both of ours, ya know? Right, Naruto?
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[Minato gives a wide grin because Kushina's absolutely right. More on the part where Naruto has a bigger heart than them because it's still embarrassing to accept that he has a big heart too. Even if it's true.]

Now you're just being modest.

[A quick, amused ruffle of his son's hair.]
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[It's not how hearts are made but it's CUTE THEY'RE BEING CUTE PARENTS HHHH Naruto they didn't get to spend time with you as a baby SO THEY'RE TRYING]

We should check.

[One hand is placed on Minato's chest and then the other is on Naruto's. She looks thoughtful, staring up at the ceiling.]

Mn, yep. I think Naruto's is bigger.
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[YES BBRAMENCAKES, FORGIVE YO PARENTS. Now is their only chance to joke around with you. :3

At the compliment, Minato's grin remains.]

No, I think your mom's right. Though, I wish you're not just saying we're awesome because you want to get away with doing chores tomorrow.
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[Her hand pulls back and fists at her side, lips curling in a smirk.]

That's not going to happen.
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[That got Minato chuckling a little.]

Good. I was just kidding, though.

[Yes, Minato. Please stick to your long jutsu names because clearly, you can't do humor.]
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[BETTEr BE KIDDING. She's smiling at the both of them, Naruto because he really does think they're good parents and Minato at his attempt at humor.

Kushina is the one to pull away though and remind them about something



Alright, it's time for dinner. It's getting cold, ya know? If Naruto is going to do his chores, we have to eat so he can clear the table.
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[Upon mention that the food's getting cold, Minato returns to his seat as well.]

I'm sure it'd taste great regardless of what it might be.

[Yes, even Minato's tastebuds are Kushina-sexual.]
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[sdlgkjslg lmao kushina-sexual

She nudges Minato a bit, blushing]

Just sit down and you'll see for yourself.


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