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IC Contact / Appointments

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[night of naruto's mallynapping] voice; I'M SORRY HAHA 1/??

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Naruto? Where are you? Dinner is almost ready.

I made ramen tonight. I know we've both been craving it pretty badly and I promised you I would soon. Your dad doesn't like it as much as we do though, even if it is my cooking. I think after I wanted to eat it so much when I was pregnant, he's kind of tired of it.

I'll see you soon.
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Not as chipper, almost angry now. He's been really late before.]

Naruto, your food is on the table and getting cold. You better get home soon or I'll come out looking for you. I told your dad not to eat until you got home and I'm not either.

We're going to eat together as a family or not at all.
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Alright she's irritated now.]

That's it! Wherever you are, I'm going to find you! But if you reply right now and tell me where you are I might go easy on you, ya know!
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A lot less angry.]

If you wanted to stay with a friend, I don't mind. You don't have to hide or sneak around. You're a young man who can make his own decisions.

I just wish you told me.

I'll put your ramen in the fridge for tomorrow, if you want it. I hope it's still good. I'll see you tomorrow.
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Exhausted. Hoarse. Worried.]

Naruto, please answer me.
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ACTION FOREVER let's torture draggy's inbox lmao

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[Since dinner, Kushina had been very restless and anxious and who can blame her? Minato feels the same way but showing it is another matter entirely. He'll be the wall of support Kushina needs so he's going to act that way no matter what. He has a bad feeling as to why Naruto disappeared but he's not going to jump into this conclusion right away.

When he heard his wife call out to Naruto once more during this time of the night, though, Minato had enough. Sitting up, he places a reassuring hand on Kushina's shoulder before getting out of bed.]

I'm going to find him. It's strange for him not to contact us this late if he's going to spend the night with a friend. [Will grab his cloak now.]
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[Kushina has already reached that conclusion hence her inability to sleep or stay still. The only thing she can do is fight the anguish breaking her heart into pieces. After nearly a year of being together she had gotten so used to having him here with her every single day, to see his face, that she forgot that Naruto leaving was as likely as anybody else.

And knowing that she could never see him again without saying goodbye is tearing her apart from the inside. Like having Kyuubi extracted all over again and being run through a thousand times.


She's broken from her personal nightmare by Minato's movement and voice, eyes clearing a little at the reminder that at least he was still here. A bit of warmth returns to her body from the touch.

She scrambles off the bed after him, grabbing his arm. If Minato left too while he was out searching... more than that, she wouldn't let Minato look on his own anyway.]

I'm coming with.
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[Was his immediate response accompanied by a nod. He can't possibly deny Kushina of this. Never. While Minato's trying his best to keep calm, he might not be able to mask the anxiety in his eyes from his own wife as he gazes at the hand on his arm. There's urgency there, her grip a potent reminder that they had probably wasted precious time already and the more he thinks about it, the more his hunch comes to life.

He wills it away, though. His son is going to be fine and he won't be gone for long. With his cloak on, Minato reaches for the hand on his arm with his own.]

Don't worry, Kushina. He's our son, he'll be fine. [A brief pause.] I did tell you before that I'll do anything to protect him. I'm his father, after all.
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[All she can do is look at him gravely. It was easier than bursting. She remembers, of course. How she made him promise and he just repeated the same words she used for him with an extra wink and grin.]

You are his father and I'm his mother. As his mother, I'll find him if he's in Luceti. Even if I have to lift and look under every rock or break that barrier with my own fists.

[She knows Naruto will be fine but she's not sure about herself. She's not sure if she will be fine -- she could put on a brave face and move forward with determination but if Naruto never came back?

At least... she could be thankful for the time they spent together. She was happy for that, like she told Kakashi. That she got to see him as a grown up young man, no matter how much she still saw him as that little bundle snoozing his way through their last moments. There couldn't be any regrets left now but deep down she was still in pain. Years of hiding emotions was good for one thing.

Not breaking down.

Outwardly, she moved to the front door with purpose and shoved her feet into her sandals before opening the door.]

Did you put your Hiraishin into his sealing formula like you did with me? Can you teleport to where he is? Can you sense him?
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LMAO YES tho there's this new chapter now (unsure)

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[Her last question is the one that ultimately gets to him because he can't sense Naruto's chakra. Yes, he did put his Hiraishin into Naruto's sealing formula and that fact is the one making his heart clench right now because if Naruto's still here in Luceti, it'd be easy for him to just teleport to where he is. Wherever Naruto must be in, he's definitely beyond the barriers of Luceti.

Minato's brows visibly furrow, a clear change to the mask of calmness he's trying to emulate. Naruto's not here and this conclusion is the one he's afraid to jump into earlier just because he's again too late to do anything about it.

What good is his renowned title when he's always running late?]

I can't.

[The words come out void of any emotion despite his serious expression, if not laced by a subtle hint of bitterness for being useless beneath the powers of the Malnosso. One hand balling into a hard fist, Minato shoves his own feet into his sandals too as he follows Kushina.

He doesn't say anything further than those two words, knowing fully well what they indicate.]
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this manga..... naruto is the only good thing rn

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[He doesn't need to say anything. Besides, she already has a feeling Naruto is now in a place they can't reach no matter how much she wills herself. But Minato's negative response and tone alarms her, causing her to slow down and look at him and his expression.

Without a word, she grabs his hand and continues walking into Luceti in the dead of night.]

We'll keep looking until we can then.
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this is true ._.

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[The gesture makes Minato blink in surprise as if he's unaware he's doing a hero complex thing - putting everything on his shoulders again. Her hand on his snaps him out of his reverie, though, and mentally scolds himself for treading down that path when he's supposed to be her pillar of support.

To agree on what she just said, Minato forms a smile as he tightens his hold around her solid hand.]

Alright. I think we'll be able to search faster if I use my Hiraishin.
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never fails to make chaps like 10x better

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[For a moment, some life returns back to Kushina at the mention of them using Hiraishin to search.]

When you use it a lot with me it makes me sick.
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very true!!! also sorry for the late reply bby orz ;;

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[Her admittance earns a lopsided smile from him. Well, that's something new even if he already has a hunch that might be the case.]

Is that so? Then, perhaps I won't use it a lot this time.

[They can always do some old-fashioned tree-hopping.]
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s'ok bbyyy <333

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[Or even more old-fashioned parent searching until they can't move.

There's a pause. Hiraishin would make the search go more quickly.

I can handle it.

[She just might vomit. NBD]
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imyyyy i hate work 8(

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[His smile vanishes as it's replaced by concern when he glances at her.]

Are you sure? Granted, Hiraishin will make the search faster, but not exactly thorough.
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imy2sfm ;;;A;;; bbyyy

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[She wants to be thorough. Her expression pinches together as she reaches a dilemma.]

Yeah, I'm sure. I don't want us to separate.