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[四] Action/Video April 3rd

[Action: Early morning; Uzumaki House]

[After waking up somewhere in the forest and getting his bearings, the first thing Naruto did before anything else was head home. His memories were fuzzy- he had been walking through the village presumably the night before when some weird metal-people-things attacked him out of nowhere. Weird. He'd deal with that later though, because he got the feeling that after being out all night, even if it wasn't his fault, he was about to get one hell of a yelling once he set foot inside the house.

Entering the family home and closing the door behind him he waits, listening out for any noise or signs of movement. When it seems as though nobody is up yet (Geez did they just go to bed and sleep peacefully when he had been knocked out in a forest??) he begins to make his way up the stairs, calling out but not too loudly.]

Mom? ....Dad? Oi, you guys here?

[Action: Afternoon; Convenience Store]

[After everything had been sorted out at home and Naruto figured out what exactly had happened, he decided to go pay a visit to the guys in the convenience store. Hopefully Shikamaru wouldn't chew him out too badly, it wasn't his fault but being missing meant someone had to fill in and do the extra work in his place. Or maybe.. someone else was hired to take his place?? Dammit, Shikamaru.

Deciding so stick around and help out, Naruto can be found in the store for the remainder of the afternoon, helping out stocking up some shelves or just hanging out behind the counter helping himself to multiple Mountain Dew slurpees.]


[The journals are graced with a view of some sort of shop- noticeable as being the convenience store to anyone who frequents it- as Naruto props the journal up in front of him.]

Hey, do any of you guys know what those robot things are that come for people? That's what someone said they're called, they look like weird, metal people.

I remember fighting some, and having weird dreams before I woke up, but apparently they kidnapped me?! I was gone for weeks y'know!

Where do those guys take you? And what do they do anyway? They'd better not have done anything weird to me, or they're gonna pay!
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action im gona cry

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Hearing Naruto's voice throughout the night when she's dreaming isn't new to Kushina. But now instead of sitting up and searching the house for him only to end up disappointed again, she just shuts her eyes tight and tells herself she is glad he's back where he belongs and he doesn't have to get caught up in experiments and drafts and missions and the Malnosso or Third Parties.

Even if there is a war going on back where he's from and its hardly any better than anything here. It's still home. That's where he belongs.

That's where he belongs.

When she's dreaming though, she can't school her features or hide the emptiness that hasn't gone away after more than a week of her missing son. She angrily grabs her pillow and buries her head under it.

Her voice is muffled, furious, and it breaks.]

Go away.
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[That voice sure is persistent this time and she's not even dreaming anymore. Probably. She doesn't want to wake up Minato so she tugs the pillow off of her head, planning on getting ready for the day, just in time to hear the quiet creak of the door.

Irritation leaves her so quickly she feels winded. Yet she's still able to whip around and stare at the person standing in the door frame. For a moment, she thinks it's still a dream. Or maybe the Malnosso are messing with her again.

She doesn't care.

Kushina nearly trips in her rush to get to him, catching herself with fingers brushing the ground before she slams into him and wraps her arms around him so tightly she's crushing him to her like she's trying to force his body into hers. She expects to find nothing, for her arms to find air, but he's solid. He's here. And in her arms.]

Naruto! Naruto!!

[So much for not waking up Minato.

Tears come easily now after weeks of keeping them back. But they're tears of relief and joy. They're loud messy tears as she buries her face into his dirty clothes.]

You're back.
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[That doesn't make sense. She still doesn't care. She doesn't lessen her grip and the tears don't stop and she just holds him.

And never wants to let go. Someone will probably have to pry her away from him.]

It's okay. You're back.

[She could be answering him or confirming to herself once more. Maybe both.]
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[The moment Kushina gets up and exclaims their son's name was the time Minato cracked his eyes open as another day greeted him. The bright lazy morning sunlight peeking through their curtains pale in comparison to the refulgence before him that his expression didn't give way for surprise but to happiness instead.

He's a witness to Kushina's tears and to days where they'll just talk about how much they miss their son with him reassuring her that Naruto's going to be fine because he's their son and that one day they'll see him again. Of course, he imagined they won't in this place but he never lost faith. Not a day passed by since Naruto's disappearance that Minato searched for him as he patrols the village for an extended amount of time.

There's a huge possibility they won't be able to see Naruto again but there had always been this tiny hope he can never extinguish and Minato, a man of faith, clung to this. So seeing mother and son reunited in a display of tears and affection is the best thing to wake up to that silently, he gets up and walks to them with a gentle, warm smile.]

I'll see to it that won't happen again. [With everything I got. Slowly, he places a hand on Kushina's shoulder and the other on Naruto's. He continues to address the young man with equally spiky blonde hair.]

Welcome back, son.


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[He doesn't get far into his explanation before she's wrapping her arms around him again, this time gently and a bit more slowly. He was coming home for dinner. She's reminded of how angry she was that he was so late and not answering her. And then how worried she and Minato were and how late they stayed up searching for him.

Metal people? No doubt, probably another experiment by the Malnosso. If she sees any metal people--]

I'll turn them into tin cans if they try it.

[She growls it threateningly over his shoulder. Even Minato's hand doesn't shake her like it had the past week. It doesn't need to. Naruto is here with them again and she's so happy.

Even if she sounds like Kurama, herself.

But she's angry again, finally. Not at Naruto though -- at everything else, like she was before she started to make something of the experiments rather than just be pissed off at them all the time.]
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[Her hands remain on his arms, holding gently, despite him moving back. It's almost as if she's afraid he'll leave again if she doesn't touch him. After losing so much in her life, it's no wonder she clings so stubbornly to what she does have here now in Luceti. After not having Naruto...

Everything she could want was here -- but it's not without a catch. Like metal people that abduct her son and leave her worried sick and feeling a little more empty.

Finally she has to tear her gaze away from Naruto's face and looks to Minato purposely. For his mission, she remembers him saying he fought enemies. Were they the same?]
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group hug?

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[The smile on Minato's lips fades at his son's question. Metal people? He knows he had encountered that description before, though certainly not in one of his missions.

He shakes his head, then, as his brows furrow.]

I'm afraid not, but I think they are the Malnosso's droids - the one they send after people they're looking to contain. [A brief pause.] I don't remember encountering any of them in the missions I went to. The Third Party enemies I fought certainly don't fit the description.
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[That answers that.

More importantly:]

Naruto, are you alright? Are you hurt? When's the last time you had anything to eat?

[She looks him over CRITICALLY SO CRITICAL]

Should I call Sakura over? [Probably will later anyway because they ~BONDED~ over searching for him]
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latches to face

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[They came from the assholes known as Malnosso.

She looks concerned until his stomach growls. Then she smiles. It's early as fuck in the morning but her boy is hungry. Feeding is first.]

I heard it.

Come on. I'll make a big breakfast, ya know!


Grabs him and leads him downstairs to kitchen and food. FOOOOOOOOOOD.


dont leave me again >:TTT

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Yep, huge! Since you missed so many from being gone. We can have whatever you want!

What do you want?

[she's so happy it's like his BDAY ALL OVER AGAIN

COME ON MINATOOOooooh while your Uzumaki's are all loud and excited and happy]
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don't leave US again >:"| (even if i also disappear and stuff orz)

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[OH YOU GUYS. Trust you Uzumakis to be this loud so early in the morning. To be fair, though, this is an exception because they're celebrating Naruto's comeback. PLAYS HERO'S COME BACK LMAO.

Never mind him, he's just going to chuckle as he follows you both to the kitchen because he feels happy too and he has missed watching you both be loud together like this.]

I'm guessing you want ramen?

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Whatever he wants she's pulling out all the pots and pans and they might as well be banging them with spoons or something to alert the village Naruto is back.

Because they basically asked the whole village if they've seen Naruto and they should know he's back]

No, I had to throw away Naruto's leftover ramen the other day.

[She says it distractedly, remembering how much it hurt to toss it out because Naruto couldn't eat it and she couldn't keep it in there forever it was starting to smell :C]
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But it's like over a week old sitting in the fridge it was starting to smell. Do you want bad poops?]

Just one bowl! It was over a week old, ya know!
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I made it the night you disappeared. A week ago.
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much more calmly;]

You didn't know?


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