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[With the disappearance of his Father and then his Mother a couple days after, Naruto has been feeling pretty down. He isn't sure how to deal with it but for now, FOOD seems to be an option.]

So who makes the best ramen in Luceti?!

I wanna know, this is important! Ramen is my favourote food in the world, any world, so I gotta know who makes the best!


[After sending out the above audio, Naruto sends out a bunch of audio messages seperately, to Shikamaru, Lee, Sakura and Sasuke.]

Hey. What's going on?
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[Action: Early morning; Uzumaki House]

[After waking up somewhere in the forest and getting his bearings, the first thing Naruto did before anything else was head home. His memories were fuzzy- he had been walking through the village presumably the night before when some weird metal-people-things attacked him out of nowhere. Weird. He'd deal with that later though, because he got the feeling that after being out all night, even if it wasn't his fault, he was about to get one hell of a yelling once he set foot inside the house.

Entering the family home and closing the door behind him he waits, listening out for any noise or signs of movement. When it seems as though nobody is up yet (Geez did they just go to bed and sleep peacefully when he had been knocked out in a forest??) he begins to make his way up the stairs, calling out but not too loudly.]

Mom? ....Dad? Oi, you guys here?

[Action: Afternoon; Convenience Store]

[After everything had been sorted out at home and Naruto figured out what exactly had happened, he decided to go pay a visit to the guys in the convenience store. Hopefully Shikamaru wouldn't chew him out too badly, it wasn't his fault but being missing meant someone had to fill in and do the extra work in his place. Or maybe.. someone else was hired to take his place?? Dammit, Shikamaru.

Deciding so stick around and help out, Naruto can be found in the store for the remainder of the afternoon, helping out stocking up some shelves or just hanging out behind the counter helping himself to multiple Mountain Dew slurpees.]


[The journals are graced with a view of some sort of shop- noticeable as being the convenience store to anyone who frequents it- as Naruto props the journal up in front of him.]

Hey, do any of you guys know what those robot things are that come for people? That's what someone said they're called, they look like weird, metal people.

I remember fighting some, and having weird dreams before I woke up, but apparently they kidnapped me?! I was gone for weeks y'know!

Where do those guys take you? And what do they do anyway? They'd better not have done anything weird to me, or they're gonna pay!

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Oct. 1st, 2013 10:45 am
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[A message pops up, short and sweet, from Luceti's favourite (only) orange ninja.]

Who wants to come to my birthday party next week??
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[The recent events had certainly left a lot for people to think about. Naruto is no different, the past few days spent comparing fake memories with the real thing. Mostly he was hung up on how normal the fake life had seemed, a (fake) lifetime spent with a huge, loving family he had never had until arriving in this place.

Out of everything though, there is one question that plagues him the most. Here it comes...]


So even though that place was fake, and the things we remembered from it aren't really real, we're not still like.... legally married or anything, right? Right?

I don't think I'm even old enough to be married y'know!

[YUP. Guess who has been carefully avoiding Tenten ever since things went back to normal. Apparently he can act like a proper ninja when he wants to. He is finally manning-up to face reality though.]

[Actually he isn't, but he had something else he wanted to ask over the journals, so figured he would just throw that in too.]

...Has anyone seen Sakura-chan?


[Since Luceti returned to normal, Naruto hasn't been that sociable. Most of his time has been spent at home aside from the occasional trip out into the woods to train or to check in on people close to him that were not fake wives or family members.

Today though, he can be found behind the counter of Shikamaru's convenience store. He has absolutely no idea what he is doing still and with Shikamaru and Masaomi both away, the fate of Luceti's #1 Store™ had been left to the combined efforts of Korra and Naruto.

If it is still standing by the end of the week, it shall be a miracle.]
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[After waking up just a short time ago and realizing that these journals serve as some form of communication for- well, wherever they are, a family of ninja decide that they need to search for important information.]

Why am I half naked in a forest?

[There’s a short pause before the blond teenager speaks again, for he has an even more pressing question that needs to be answered.]


[Granted, it’s a very important question but the consensus was they had more prudent information to gather. Like where they are, for example. And so a redheaded woman, Kushina, quickly shouts back over her son’s panic.]

Naruto! That’s not the right question to ask!

Oh-- right.

[Those questions can wait for now.]

Where is this place then? Or what is it? It isn’t like.. the afterlife, right? ‘Cause I don’t think I’m dead, so I can’t be in it! But my Mom and Dad are here too and they were dead, but now they’re alive, so how can they be here at the same time and why do we all have wings and OH GOD THIS IS THE AFTERLIFE, ISN’T IT??

[Suddenly, a fist is flying downwards and towards the top of Naruto’s head.




[SUDDENLY AN UZUMAKI STANDOFF that Minato sighs and shakes his head at. Trust these two to be diplomats. It seems like the more Naruto speaks, the more Minato thinks he got so many things from his mother. With a lopsided smile, he calmly steps in between them and carefully grabs the journal from Naruto.]

I would like to apologize for that display. [Behind him, there’s an indignant ‘Hey!’ That said, Minato clears his throat and his expression turns a little more serious.] As it is obvious, we are in need of answers. To the citizens who might be able to lend a hand through this book that we have concluded to be a communication device, we will appreciate any help.

[The next words, he hesitates for a moment in saying, but he feels he might as well throw it out there too.]

Also, for anyone who might know my family and I, please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you. [And he ends that with a polite smile.]
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10.05.13 001 Family intro
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Name: Naruto Uzumaki
Canon: Naruto
Gender: Male
Age: Sixteen
Wing Color: Orange!

Canon Point: Chapter 628
Canon Point Explanation: This is Naruto's most recent canon appearance, where the battle against Obito, Madara and the Juubi is still going strong.
History: Here is the Wiki page!

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Just your usual 'how am i doing' post. It's been a while since I've played anyone from this canon let alone Naruto himself so if you have anything you want to let me know then here's the place.

Anon commenting is on, IP logging off, comments are screened.
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For messages or action threads that don't need their own posts!


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